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Monday, November 5, 2012

Use Technology for Individualised learning

Here is a teacher, Ananth Pai, who is practicing individualised learning in class 3. Instead of all the students being taught the same lesson, each student learns his 'own' matter at his own pace. This is a very good example of Montessori method which is also based on individualised learning.

But what is important to observe in this video, is the use of technology in promoting individualised learning. Technology, when it is used to help teachers, is not known to help teachers. If you visit any private school, you will find these white boards + projectors+ e-learning content that are practically lying unused. Schools feel that it is unused because teachers are not adept at using technology. But the rot is much deeper. Technology has remained unused, because the  vendors have merely tried to 'automate' the current process of teaching. And therefore, you will find that these schools hardly use technology for educating students.

Ananth Pai has used technology differently. Instead of helping teachers teach differently, he has used technology to help student learn differently. This simple shift from teacher-centric method to student-centric method of learning can produce a big difference in learning, as Ananth Pai has demonstrated. He has used technology to 'customise learning' for every student.

He has used technology to let children learn at their own pace and style. For instance he uses Ninetedo's Maths buster game to help the child learn Maths. Or Brain Age game for helping to learn words  One site is being used to help students learn about the rights. Another site is being used to help children listen to spoken English.

If you are a technology sophisticated person, here is a chance for you to use technology to customise learning for your child.If you visit this blog, you will find many examples of brilliant use of technology that can enable child to learn at its own pace. 

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